The concept calls for the construction of two rows of buildings running parallel to one another. A dozen or so high-rise buildings up to 24 metres in height will be put up alongside Powstancow Slaskich Street. The ground floors of the new buildings will contain shopping arcades, restaurants, banks, shops and a conference centre (with space totalling 30,000 m²). Offices (approximately 20,000 m²) and flats are to be built on the upper floors.
The second series of buildings, to be erected along Gwiazdzista Street, will be dominated by five apartment blocks (two 28-storey buildings and three 24-storey units) as well as a number of smaller residential buildings. The entire complex may include up to 1,000 flats, providing total space of 100,000 m².
The two axes of the buildings are to be divided by a promenade 300 m long and 24 m wide. In addition, a five-star, 32-storey state-of-the-art hotel is planned for the intersection of Powstancow Slaskich and Szczesliwa Streets.